The results for Make Your Mark, which is the national consultation for young people, were released near the end of 2020.

Redbridge as a whole achieved an amazing 6,426 votes on national issues which is 20.64 per cent of the young people population and 6,461 votes on local issues. It gained us first place in London and third overall in the whole of the United Kingdom.

The three local issues for Redbridge are: homelessness, domestic violence and access to broadband.

It is a great achievement for us at Redbridge Youth Council, especially during this pandemic, and goes on to show how much we care about young people having a say on national issues. The hard work of those involved ought to be recognised. The Youth Council are looking at ways to raise these issues with local decision makers.

2021 has started off tough for all of us with a third lockdown being imposed upon us. Therefore, Redbridge will be hosting a well-being and resilience programme so that it helps local young people to get through this lockdown with a good mental state.

The Youth Council meets every Monday in term time, at the moment meetings are online. Email for further information. To register for the well being sessions and other Youth Service activities go to