A rising pop star and mental health advocate has taken part in a virtual workshop for schoolgirls in Ilford to highlight the dangers of social media.

Eleni C, who has made appearances on CBBC and been the opening act for girl group Little Mix, hosted the session with pupils at Park School for Girls in Ilford last month.

Having made appearances on the CBBC, Eleni has toured the country to give school talks and share with young people aged 12 to 19 how music and performance can help combat mental health struggles.

Eleni said: “Growing up I witnessed very close loved ones of mine go through addiction and depression. I always swore to myself that if I ever were in the position to make a difference then I would.

“I’m passionate about the younger generation because I firmly believe that if we educate the young’uns on mental health and if we teach them to cope with adversity and let downs…we are then safeguarding their mental health and giving them a strong foundation to build a future.

"I believe that mental health should be a core subject taught in schools."

About her journey into the music industry, Eleni told the Recorder that music has been a part of her life since childhood.

However, she only made it her full-time job after completing a university degree in media and communications, which she says is an asset that equips her with the understanding of how to navigate a notoriously challenging industry.

Jennifer Lopez inspired Eleni: “She came from nothing and she worked and pushed until she got where she wanted to be.

"Her journey is one which I lean on in times of difficulty, when I feel like I missed an opportunity, or I’ve had setbacks or knock-backs. It’s just a part of life really.

“When people in the industry say that a song is not good enough, they’re not keen on it, or they won’t give it airplay, that can really take a toll on your confidence because for most musicians when you put music out there, you’re really sharing a part of yourself, your soul, your experience.

"One thing I try to accept is that music, like many things, is all about taste."