A volunteer engineer helped modify a walker for a Woodford Green boy with cerebral palsy after he had outgrown it and was struggling to get around.

Julie Irvine approached the charity Remap Essex West to see if it could help improve the stability of the walker for her son Miles.

The charity helps people with disabilities to improve their quality of life by making things that cannot be bought commercially.

Richard Folkson, a mechanical engineer who volunteers with the charity, was able to modify the walker to make it more stable while in use.

He said: "The solution was to angle the wheels like on a sports wheelchair, greatly improving stability and allowing Miles to play and move around outdoors without his parents worrying about him hurting himself."

Remap Essex West helps around 50 to 60 people every year and does not charge clients but welcomes donations to continue to help others with disabilities.

National Volunteers' Week is running until June 7.