A pair of childhood sweethearts want to “bring Brick Lane to Barkingside” by opening a new delicatessen.

Pepperman's Deli will open on Sunday, October 31 in Barkingside High Road, taking the place of V&V Bakery.

Co-owner Tammy Westwood said she wants the deli to be a place “for everybody to go, hang out, grab a beigel in the evenings”.

“This is going to be a fully stocked, lively, fun bakery, and it is what the community needs,” she added.

As well as salt beef beigels, Tammy said the new deli will offer “all the stuff that wasn’t there before – hummus, taramasalata, and the Jewish deli stuff and the falafel".

“It can do great for the community and really provide a great service and really bring a great community feel – we are talking music, a fun atmosphere, salt beef beigels out of the door.”

Serial entrepreneur Tammy got the lease on the business just a few days ago and has never baked before, but will be keeping on some of the staff from the previous bakery.

She has previously built businesses from the ground up and had been looking for an opportunity since returning from the United States, where she ran a packing and shipping store.

“I literally just saw the opportunity and swooped in quick to do something with it," she said.

Tammy, who was raised in Gants Hill and now lives in Hainault, is running the business with her partner Garry Pepperman.

The pair dated when they were 13 before Tammy “dumped him unceremoniously”.

“We both dated other people, married other people, had lives, stayed in touch – always held a candle for each other,” she recalled.

In June 2020, Garry told her he was getting divorced and would be moving out on August 1.

“I said to him I’ll see you August 2, and I absolutely did, and it was unfinished business – we absolutely should have always been together.”

The couple have been together for just over a year and say they are excited to be opening the deli together.