A letterbox decorated with an intricate Christmas scene has brought cheer to Redbridge residents.

Dominika Osimowicz found the crocheted masterpiece on a red postbox in the borough, which is complete with a snowman, Christmas tree and dangling lights.

Dominika shared her find on Facebook, writing: "Love it. Thank you to whoever made it. Put a huge smile on many faces passing it today."

She told the Recorder: "The real credit goes to the marvellous anonymous neighbour who made it."

Facebook users were delighted by the kitted-out postbox, with Dominika's post receiving over 200 likes and comments praising the artwork.

People described the festive letterbox as "beautiful" and "so cute", while another called it "a work of art".

Similar decorations have been found across east London, including more than 10 designs by Dagenham mum Jade Ramsey and crocheted creations made by Collier Row grandmother Kay Wilcock.