London hosts a city-wide mental health day with online events and activities this Friday (January 28).

Organised by London’s councils, with health and community organisations, and supported by the Mayor of London and the NHS, Great Mental Health Day 2022 aims to encourage Londoners to talk about mental health, to understand that it’s okay to ask for help, and to learn more about the local support available to them.

Taking place primarily online, activities will include meditation and yoga sessions, panel discussions, as well as local drop-in and coffee mornings to allow people to connect with each other.

Great Mental Health Day follows the launch of the NHS’s national Help! campaign. New data has found more than 57% of people in London were concerned about their mental health last year, with 51% reporting that they did not seek professional help.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “It’s never been more important for each of us to think and talk about our mental health and wellbeing – and to seek help and support should we need it.

“That’s why we’re launching our city’s first ever Great Mental Health Day, to tackle the stigma around mental health and help Londoners learn more about the small things we can all do to support our own wellbeing.

“The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our mental health, so if you’re struggling please remember that help and support is available.”

Professor Kevin Fenton, public health regional director for London, said: “The past two years have had a devastating impact upon the mental health of Londoners. Many of us will have experienced bereavement or are dealing with the health consequences of Covid-19. Many of us will have felt isolated or anxious, and nearly all of us have had to deal with unprecedented change, uncertainty and stress. Looking after our mental wellbeing is vital, for our own resilience as well as the resilience of our communities and our city.”

Tom Haymer, who is organising local events on behalf of Mind in Haringey, said: “Through promoting kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others and building on existing assets and partnerships, we aspire to make a big impact on mental health in Haringey.”

Visit or search #GreatMentalHealth on social media to find out about events happening on Friday, and to find support.