A bleed kit has been installed outside a Romford nightclub in memory of its former doorman who was fatally stabbed.

On August 11 Ricky Hayden’s mum, Sue Hedges and sister April, met with the owner of Jukebox LDN to install the kit.

Ricky was knifed to death outside his home in Gibbfield Close, Chadwell Heath, on September 13 2016.

The 27-year-old worked for nine years as a doorman at Kosho Bar in South Street, which is now called Jukebox LDN.

Owner of Jukebox LDN, Danny Woodhouse, who worked as a DJ for Kosho at the same time Ricky was a doorman, said the bleed kit is a “nice memory” of Ricky as it has his photo on the front.

The 30-year-old said: “It’s something that can be used by the public 24 hours a day should they need it.”

The installation preceded a fundraising night held by Jukebox LDN, with all donations going towards another bleed unit in Ricky’s name.

A total of £550 was raised - enough for another bleed kit with 24 hour access or five smaller bleed kits.

DJ’s Wade Kadir, Tom Short, Tony Christofi, Liam B and Bongo Dan performed at the event for free after deciding to donate their wages towards the cause.

Sue said she could not make it to the fundraising event, but her daughter April, 29, attended and said it was “lovely to hear people talk so highly of him [Ricky]”.

The 55-year-old said: “Ricky absolutely loved his job and the club was his second home.

“For me, it feels that Ricky has gone home to his second home,” she added.

A bleed kit has also been installed at The Sun pub in Romford, where Ricky’s wake was held.

“We’re trying to install the kits in sentimental places,” said Sue.

Working on rolling out the bleed kits is giving her the chance to “focus on the future and the memory of my son”, she added.

“Ricky was my first born and this is in my son’s name.

“I feel like it’s helping me get through the day and it’s something worthwhile."

Sue also installed a bleed kit at Dagenham Trades Hall earlier this year.

Danny said the fundraiser saw more than 350 people attend, with “a lot of old faces” turning up.

He said the atmosphere was “really good” and “felt like a Kosho reunion”.