A lean-to was completely destroyed and a neighbouring house damaged in a fire in Barkingside.

London Fire Brigade was called at 2.44pm on August 3 to the outbreak in Sydney Road.

A total of six fire engines and around 40 firefighters tackled the blaze, and were able to get it under control by 3.25pm.

The lean-to, however, was completely destroyed, while around half of the ground floor and part of the first floor of the terraced house was damaged.

A small part of the guttering of a neighbouring property was also affected.

No injuries were reported, with the fire believed to have been accidentally started by a candle.

A brigade spokesperson said: "Candles, incense sticks and oil burners are one of the most common causes of fire.

“We’d recommend swapping traditional candles for safer flameless LED alternatives, but if you do use real candles, it’s so important to never leave them unattended.

“Always make sure that they’re held firmly in heat-resistant holders and placed on a stable surface where they won’t be knocked over.

“This incident is also a reminder of just how important it is to have working smoke alarms in your home.”