2012 Olympics warning over disabled access on trains by Redbridge campaigner Sulaiman Khan

London trains are “not ready” to cater for wheelchair-bound passengers ahead of the Olympics, according to a disabled activist.

Sulaiman Khan, 26, of Woodford Green, says passengers in wheelchairs will find access to this summer’s Games restricted by a “lack of understanding” from transport bosses.

Wheelchair user Mr Khan suffers from muscular dystrophy and campaigns through the group Trailblazers.

He said: “Trains are just not accessible for wheelchair users and more understanding and funding is needed for this to change.

“My simple answer for TfL was for ramps to be installed on trains, but they informed me there would not be enough time.”

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Mr Khan was speaking after disabled Melissa Melman had to slide down the steps of Ilford train station because the lift was out of order.

Melissa’s mum Sharon, 62, had to carry her daughter’s wheelchair down the steps and was furious station staff did not offer to help.

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“My daughter is not the only disabled person who will have had a problem and with the Olympics coming up this should not happen,” she said.

“Even on the Underground the trains can be a foot below or above the platform, making it tough to get a wheelchair on or off the train.”

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