15-year-old Chigwell star of My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune Alfie Best forges different path to multi-millionaire dad

15-year-old Alfie Best in front of his dad's helicopter (credit - Channel 4)

15-year-old Alfie Best in front of his dad's helicopter (credit - Channel 4) - Credit: Archant

The 15-year-old star of Channel 4’s My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune is working day and night to become a business success despite having a multi-millionaire dad.

Alfie Best, of Chigwell, featured in the TV programme on Sunday in which he showed many of the characteristics that have earned his dad, of the same name, a fortune.

His father, a Romany gipsy, started a mobile phone business in Ilford before branching out into selling mobile homes, with his company Wyldecrest Parks, valued at £100 million last year.

But rather than rely on his dad’s wealth, the younger Alfie is rising early to make cold-call visits to industrial estates and shops across London, selling floor paint, high-visibility jackets and other items.

He told the Recorder: “It’s off my own back. My motivation is to earn money, I’m very money-motivated.

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“My dad has helped me but he never went cold calling, he did different things to myself.”

A spin-off from the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding programmes, Sunday’s show looked at how members of the travelling community make money.

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The teenager was filmed for eight days over two months and said it felt “fairly natural” to be on camera.

Having left school, he rises at 8am before going with a driver to estates and shops around London, before a second stint of cold-call visits to restaurants in the evenings.

He said: “It’s very hard, especially when you’re young. On Monday it picked up a bit due to the programme. But it’s very difficult, you have to push through.”

With dreams of owning his own nightclub and casino, the youngster also buys and sells vans, having sold his first one aged just 13.

His father was inspired by the trade he saw in and out of mobile phone shops in Ilford and soon had 13 shops across the capital, before starting his current company.

Alfie said: “Of course he’s given me words of advice. He told me success was ‘five per cent inspiration and 95 per cent perspiration’.

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