‘10ft’ snake returns to Clayhall couple’s garden

A ‘10ft” snake which gave a couple the shock of their lives when in turned up in their garden shed came back yesterday for a second unwelcome visit.

The boa constrictor was seen dangling from the ceiling of the shed in Strafford Avenue, Clayhall yesterday by Howard Waxler.

Only five days earlier, on Friday, his wife Ros Waxler spotted the large snake on a shelf inside the shed.

She said: “When I first saw it I thought it was a belt, but when I realised what it was I ran to get my husband who didn’t believe me.


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“I nearly had a heart attack. I didn’t know how dangerous it was. I’d only ever seen snakes in the zoo before.”

Mrs Waxler was left shaken and tearful after the sighting on Friday afternoon and immediately called the RSPCA to come and collect it.

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But the snake escaped out of a sliding window at the back of the shed.

The RSPCA told the couple the snake is likely to be a pet as it is tame.

But it seems the snake did not go too far after escaping.

At about 3pm yesterday it was back.

Mr Waxler, who saw the snake and again called the RSPCA, said: “It slid into the box and hasn’t moved since.

“Who knows how long it’s been there for.”

A shaken Mrs Waxler, who was keeping her distance from the shed, said: “I don’t know why it’s come back to our shed.” She added: “You’ve got to be brave to be a gardener these days.

“It has taken me more than three days to dare to go back into my garden.”

Boa constrictors are normally found in north, central and south America.

The snake was finally retrieved by an RSPCA officer at about 4.30pm yesterday,.

He used a towel to cover the container the creature was in before transferring it into a separate bag.

Mrs Waxler said: “I’m relieved it’s gone. Maybe we’ll find an elephant next time!”

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