Hornchurch man releases second album showcasing indie artists

Brits & Pieces album

Brits & Pieces II won't be officially launched until May - Credit: Brits & Pieces

“What this does is concentrate some of the stand-out bands at the moment, who aren’t being heard.”

Hornchurch-based Marc Rossiter is hoping to get into the top 40 of the compilation charts with his new album Brits & Pieces II.

The compilation CD, which showcases independent indie bands and solo artists, is now available for pre-sale but will be officially released on May 7.

Marc, who grew up in Redbridge, used his amateur 90s music fan Twitter account - @britspieces - to highlight artists taking inspiration from his favourite music era, most of whom were recommended to him on social media.

The 41-year-old explained: “I used to be stuck in my ways really, only listening to 1990s music, then someone recommended newer bands which I listened to, and I felt they were taking influence from the music I liked.

“It’s the same way bands in the 1990s like Oasis were heavily influenced by the 1960s and 1970s."

The new album includes 18 tracks ranging from acoustic to “sing-along indie anthems”.

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He said the album is being sold as a physical CD to increase the chances of chart success, as currently independent artists are unable to play live and streaming revenues are minimal. 

All profits from the album will be distributed to the artists featured in the CD.

Brits & Pieces II album

The new album features indie bands and solo artists from across the UK - Credit: Brits & Pieces

The album was mastered by producer and engineer Nick Brine who worked on rock band Oasis’ albums (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now.

Marc's first album Brits & Pieces, released last year, sold over 500 copies and reached number 54 in the Official Compilation Chart.

“I just wanted to get the music out there, as a bit of a hobby, and it went mad,” Marc explained.

“All these celebs got involved, I was on the radio, it was all very surreal.

“I can’t get over all my teenage heroes taking interest, it’s overwhelming.”

Lockdown gave him the opportunity to try something different, and he loved putting together the debut album.

“After the last one, I thought I’d have a break, but I’ve been inundated with music from other bands ever since and thought there were enough to do it again.

“Once it was over, I thought ‘I’ll have a little rest now’, and another bit of me thought ‘I don’t want this to stop’, so I gave it another go.”

Brits & Pieces II is available for pre-order on the Rough Trade website.