Spray paint artworks to go up in parks and public buildings are created at Ilford community centre

The East Ilford Betterment Partnership is offering young people aged between 11 - 17 the opportunity

The East Ilford Betterment Partnership is offering young people aged between 11 - 17 the opportunity to learn skills associated with Spray art, in a series of free art workshops during the half term holidays - Credit: Archant

You could be forgiven for thinking there were acts of vandalism going on in Ilford this week after masses of young people grabbed their spray paint cans and got to work.

The spray art workshops, held at Clementswood Community Centre, Connaught Road, started on Tuesday and will finish tomorrow (Fri).

The children created works of art to take home, designed a mural for the centre’s wall and created art for parks and public buildings.

About 20 took part with artist Matt Ryan, who works under the name MYCO.

Wilson Chowdhry, 38, who organised the workshop, said: “They loved it and couldn’t wait to start using the spray cans. It’s about how to increase community cohesion and getting people to work together.”

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The children were taught how to change their writing style to make it more artistic and how to take inspiration from images.

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Mr Chowdhry said: “He broke down how to make the letters more artistic and how to use images to reflect the themes of peace, hope and unity and then these ideas will be used to inspire other children.”

Large pieces of artwork on wood were created which will be put in parks, as well as a photographic exhibition for Redbridge Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford.

“Spray art is quite a widely used art form,” Mr Chowdhry said. “We wanted to be a trigger for something that will be a future art form and has a place in modern society.”

If you want to get involved call 020 8514 0861 or eibp@hotmail.co.uk.

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