Seven Kings poppy poets release e-book to help Royal British Legion

Farnham Green pupils launch their books of poppy poems

Farnham Green pupils launch their books of poppy poems - Credit: Archant

Youngsters inspired by the poets of the First World War released their own pieces in an anthology in time for Remembrance Day.

Year 6 pupils at Farnham Green Primary School, Royal Close, Seven Kings, are hoping to raise money for charity by donating the proceeds from their e-book, The Tissue Paper Poppy Poems, to the Royal British Legion.

Teacher Andrew Pasterfield said the collection of 30 poems were about “love, peace, understanding and remembrance”.

“They really are quite extraordinary poems,” he said. “These are some of the best I have seen – they’re really moving.”

The idea of selling the poems online for charity came from the children, explained Andrew.

“We started learning about the First World War last term and the children really enjoyed it so much they just wanted to do something for the charity and they came up with the idea of selling it on Kindles.”

He added: “We’d love to sell 1,000, but even if we don’t, the children have absolutely loved the process – to see their work and to be able to buy the book, they’re really pleased with it all.

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“To write with a real purpose has been really good.”

Andrew said the project has helped the young poets grasp the importance of the sacrifices people at war have made.

“The poems are their reflections on people’s sacrifices and the importance of peace,” he said.

“We thought it was important to try and make sure that they understand the past because it’s a big part of our cultural identity.

“It helps our understanding of the traditions of Britain and it’s making them realise the importance of peace and understanding.”

The Tissue Paper Poppy Poems e-book costs £1.

To purchase it, visit