Row over political logos on Redbridge Remembrance Sunday wreaths

Redbridge councillors have spoken out against “political point scoring” on Remembrance Sunday after differences emerged over putting party logos on wreaths.

The Liberal Democrats do not currently put their logo on commemorative poppy wreaths, while the Conservatives and Labour display theirs in the middle.

Liberal Democrat group leader Cllr Ian Bond said: “For years we have always made plain wreath with a card because we didn’t feel it was appropriate to put party political advertising on a war memorial.

“That seems to be the case in most places but in Redbridge there’s a tradition of putting logos on.

“I think it would be much better if we didn’t have logos on wreaths and if we commemorated people of all political views or none without.”

Cllr Bond said he had expressed his views in private in previous years until a Conservative councillor brought up the subject on Twitter.

Leader of the council, Conservative Cllr Keith Prince said his party has always used its logo on wreaths.

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He added: “I feel that actually it’s a good thing that people can see that all political parties come together to respect the dead.

“The Conservative Party of Redbridge want to show our respect.

“It’s a personal opinion and there are two strong arguments and I don’t believe either is right or wrong.”

Labour group leader Jas Athwal said he had contacted party members for their opinion.

He added: “I’ve been leader for two years and all I’m doing is following tradition, we aren’t making a political point.”

The three party leaders will be attending remembrance services across Redbridge this weekend.