Redbridge clubs news: Model chapel, historical society book and local writers revealed

News from Redbridge’s clubs, societies and non-profit organisations.

Friends of the Ilford Hospital Chapel

The Friends of the Ilford Hospital Chapel have been presented with a gift – a scale model of the historic church.

It took three years of painstaking work for model maker Derek Westcott and artist Patricia Skidmore to perfect the likeness of the medieval building.

The chapel, in Ilford Hill, was built in 1145AD as a hospice for sick and elderly men.

It has been associated with some famous and powerful figures through its colourful history, including Queen Elizabeth I.

Friends member Doreen Weller said the model had captured the chapel’s intricacies perfectly.

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She added: “Derek and Pat have been associated with the Friends for many years and it was their idea.

“It’s beautiful and we’d like to put it on permanent display but we haven’t decided where yet.”

The Friends of the Ilford Hospital Chapel is a registered charity that works to preserve the chapel and raise funds for improvement.

For information, visit

Woodford Historical Society

A book is being published to mark the 80th anniversary of the Woodford Historical Society.

The book is about to be sent to a publisher and the society hopes it will be available before Christmas.

Chairman John Lovell said the book features members’ recollections of past life in Woodford. He added: “People recall a whole range of things, from the shop fronts and window displays through to people remembering rockets landing in their gardens.

“It’s right through from 1932 to today.”

Woodford Historical Society researches and celebrates the history of the area with talks and events.

Visit woodfordhistorical for information on becoming a member.

Ilford Historical Society

The secrets of some of Redbridge’s most prolific writers were revealed at an Ilford Historical Society talk last week.

Samuel Pepys, who famously recorded the Great Fire of London, was a frequent traveller to Wanstead Hall and Hainault to choose oaks for ship building.

Other diarists include 17th century writer Ralph Josselin, who fought Royalists in Ilford as he retreated to Colchester during the English Civil War.

Daniel Defoe visited nearby Dagenham Breach in 1722 and several other prolific writers recorded their time from the 17th century to the First World War.

The Ilford Historical Society holds talks and events on the heritage of Ilford, Redbridge and Essex.

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