Newbury Park pub closure is ‘nail in coffin of community’

RESIDENTS fear the closure of a 100-year-old pub may be a “nail in the coffin” for the area.

Neighbours of The County, Horns Road, Newbury Park, are worried about the future of the building, which is boarded up and surrounded by a temporary fence.

John Bowers, vice-chairman of Perryman’s Farm Resident’s Association, said: “It’s a matter of record that there has been a tavern on the site for more than 100 years and we would wish that unbroken history to continue for another 100 years.”

“The fact that almost all of the mature trees on the site were cut down within days of the premises being boarded up does little to allay our fears that the building itself will be next in the firing line.”

Mr Bowers, who was a regular at the pub, said: “We have requested our ward councillors and chief planning officer inspect the building before any planning application is considered as the permanent loss of The County could be a major nail in the coffin of the community spirit we have tried so hard to foster in our area.”

A Redbridge Council spokesman said it had not received a planning application.

Former tenants Madeleine and Jamie Grand gave up their tenancy after 14 months and confirmed the company which owned the pub had sold the site.

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Mrs Grand said: “There were a whole host of reasons why it didn’t work out, including competition from supermarkets, but basically not enough people were prepared to support their local pub and come in on a regular basis.”

Adam Sasson, 24, a former regular at the pub, said: “It was a little community.

“I know a lot of people here who don’t go out at all now as there’s nothing round here.”