Korean War veterans embrace the festive season with Christmas lunch

Korean War veterans, including six who turned 80 this year, got together for their annual Christmas event, nearly six decades after the conflict ended.

About 73 members of the British Korean Veterans Association (BKVA) embraced the festive season at Red House, in Roding Lane South, Redbridge on Saturday with a Christmas lunch and a cake decorated with the names of some of the group.

Ron Batchelor, the treasurer of BKVA and one of those to turn 80,

said: “It was an enjoyable lunch. Next year will be even bigger because it will be the sixtieth anniversary of the ceasefire.”

Mr Batchelor was part of the Royal Corps of Signals and entered the army when he was 18 years old as part of national service.

He fought for 13 months in the Korean War, which lasted from June 1950 to July 1953.