Ilford is in London, not Essex, say voters in Recorder poll

The view from Pioneer Point.

The view from Pioneer Point. - Credit: Archant

It’s official, Ilford is firmly in London. According to our readers, that is.

In a poll on our website last week, 64 per cent of voters said they felt Redbridge was in the capital, whereas only 36 per cent said it was in Essex.

Despite the area being cut out of Essex to form a London borough in 1965, many residents still prefer the Essex label.

Writer Andrew Summers believes the debate has been kept going by the media, including television shows like The Only Way Is Essex, which is partly based in London.

He has co-authored a book on the history of what he calls “Metropolitan Essex” - the areas moved from the former county into the capital.

Mr Summers said: “If you want to be precise, all Redbridge is in London but for whatever reason people still say Essex.”

In response to the poll, many people aired their views on social networks.

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On Twitter, Maxine G (@Lil_Midge37) wrote: “So why do we have a London phone number? And in London zone? London borough... etc? We are London.”

But Michelle Bayley (@michellebayley) disagreed. She wrote: “My address says Essex so I live in Essex.”

On Facebook the jury was out. Taz Latif said: “I have an Essex postcode and my address says Essex in it, but it falls under ‘The London Borough of....’ so it’s a controversial and ambiguous one.”

Hellen Curtis wrote: “Well I say Ilford, Essex, but if anyone asks I say it’s east London!”

It looks as though the debate will continue for a long time yet.