Hainault dad heading to war zone to photograph soldiers during tour of Afghanistan

A dad-of-two is preparing to join British soldiers in one of the most volatile and dangerous countries in the world to document their lives on the battlefield.

Daniel Bouskila, 31, of Hind Close, Hainault, will join the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in Afghanistan next year to capture through photos their high-risk assignment.

This month he will begin his training in Norfolk, together with the Fusiliers, following them as they prepare to fly out to a country scarred by a decade of war.

He and photographer friend Paul Smorthit have been given permission by the Ministry of Defence to shadow the men and women as they then head to Qatar and on to Kabul, Afghanistan, in March.

Daniel said: “I want to build a story of how people bond and build camaraderie.

“I want to capture the stories and how different situations are dealt with.”

And for Daniel, the Fusiliers have a special place in his heart, describing them as a regiment he has a “lot of love” for.

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His brother, Adam, served in the regiment, as did his brother-in-law, Andy Chappell and cousin, Steve Forest,

“It goes through my bloodline,” said Daniel.

“I want to show people what they do and show how they serve our country.”

He added: “The army is a great education for some people, especially guys. When you leave school, you’ve not got a real direction.

“It’s a great thing to do to join the army. You get a structure. You get everything you need there.”

Despite preparing to spend weeks in a country which has claimed the lives of more than 400 British soldiers since the conflict began in 2001, keen mountaineer Daniel, who founded the group Ascent Mountaineering, is not nervous.

He said: “We’ve got some of the best soldiers in the world protecting us, so I’m confident that I’ve got them on my side.”