Flashback: Tributes to a dear police dog, an afternoon without power and the ultimate wedding video

Sunset over Beehive Lane, Ilford taken by Dharam Sahdev, of Gants Hill.

Sunset over Beehive Lane, Ilford taken by Dharam Sahdev, of Gants Hill. - Credit: Archant

A look back at the biggest local stories from this week 20, 40 and 60 years ago.

1957: Tributes poured in after an alsatian police dog who gave his life to the cause of justice sadly passed away.

Dante, known as “the wonder sleuth” spent the majority of his 16 years on earth hunting down crooks from his base at Barkingside Police Station.

His lifelong friend and owner, Pc Alfred Peckham, held back tears as he told the Recorder: “He was a miracle dog, with an almost human brain.

“To me, his passing is like losing a child.”

Dante, the pride of the Metropolitan Police Service, became a beloved mascot to hundreds of Ilford schoolchildren, but remained the scourge of the underworld.

His daring exploits included chasing down thieves and scenting out burglars, but he was at heart a gentle creature, whose tail would wag wildly with happiness when youngsters visited the police station on Barkingside High Street purely for the pleasure of petting him.

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1977:A collision between a car and a van at the junction of Beehive Lane and Eastern Avenue left residents without power for almost an entire afternoon on Monday.

The momentum of the two vehicles saw them speed into electrical feeder pillars at the side of the road, causing power outages across a wide part of Redbridge for around four hours.

A number of injured people were taken to hospital, where all but one were released the same day.

One man, who was described by a hospital spokesman as being in a comfortable condition was taken to Moorfield Eye Hospital for more specialised treatment, 1997: A pair of Barkingside newlyweds were preparing to face up to the cameras after making the decision to have an in-depth 50-minute television documentary made about their big day.

Michaela and Steve Harding were starring in BBC 2’s Modern Times – Jewish Wedding, which followed the eight-month run up to their November wedding at the West London Synagogue.

Their tale was extra special, as the cameras even captured the final stages of Steve’s conversion to Judaism.

He said: “We felt the film was a chance to show the process we have been through.

“It’s been tough but it’s something I wanted to do and it’s been worth it in the end.”