Flashback: The end of an era, counterfeit bank notes and a ‘football battlefield’

romford anniversaries - Cottons Park

romford anniversaries - Cottons Park - Credit: Archant

A look back at the biggest local stories from this week 20, 40 and 60 years ago this week.

1957: When quiet-spoken Phil Deveson retired as a pub licensee, he severed a 130-year family connection.

Mr Deveson’s family had run The Chequers in Barkingside High Street since the 1820s.

Tragically, 69-year-old had been training his only son to take over the business before he was killed serving with the armed forces in the Second World War.

“I had made arrangements for him to go to London to another house to learn the whole trade from top to bottom,” Mr Deveson told the Recorder.

“But the war came along, he went off and never returned.”

Mr Deveson, who also had a daughter, retired to live in Woodford.

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1977: A Clayhall businesswoman was being held in a Greek cell with the threat of a 10-year prison sentence hanging over her head.

Maureen Davenport, 30, and her two friends had been charged with forgery and the circulation of forged currency after being arrested by Greek police during a week-long holiday.

The police claimed she had 6,800 forged American dollars in her possession.

On Wednesday, Maureen’s father, Len Briggs, flew to Greece in an attempt to clear up the confusion around the case.

Speaking before he left for Athens from the family home in Bergholt Avenue, Mr Briggs said: “All we know is that Maureen has been arrested. The whole thing makes no sense at all.”

The Foreign Office confirmed only that the three women had been charged and were cooperating with the Greek authorities.

1997: The chiefs of a Sunday football league launched an investigation after a game descended into a chaotic post-match brawl.

A Redbridge-based Asian football team facing disciplinary charges claim they were the victims of a torrent of abuse and threats during the game.

A fight then broke out in the changing rooms after a bruising 3-3 draw between Bari FC and Romside FC.

Both teams were suspended by the South Essex League after the match at Cottons Park, Romford, on January 26.

A member of the Bari team told the Recorder: “None of the players have ever experienced such open hatred.

“We joined the league to play football, not to have to defend ourselves on a football battlefield.”