Flashback: A Hainault club is shutdown, police catch a sex-toy stealer and shopkeepers launch a petition

On street parking in High view parade is soon to become pay and display

On street parking in High view parade is soon to become pay and display - Credit: Archant

1958: Teen Jive Hideaway shut down for being too loose

More than 140 teens came to the Limehouse Pavillion in Hainault for their weekly session of jiving but were dismayed to find it had been shut down.

Organiser of the weekly jive night, Dave Chapman, was sad to announce: “I’m sorry but we have had to close the club for the time being.”

Apparently four weeks before, the club had been infiltrated by an Essex County Council Inspector who had found the owner, W.H. Charles had broken regulations and did not own a music and dancing licence.

Mr Charles ended up temporarily closing the club to avoid being prosecuted.

1978: Ilford Man spotted with sex shop contraband

The gentleman in question was spotted during early hours at a bus stop holding girlie magazines and a vibrator.

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Police were notified when witnesses noticed a broken store front window further down the road.

The man was arrested along with an 18-year-old man the police later found with stolen goods in the same store.

They both paid fines for the numerous charges totalling £115 each.

1998: Stop blocking our shops, say local shopkeepers

A petition was sent to Redbridge Council asking it to provide more parking spaces for the stores on Woodford Avenue.

The complaint come after the local council installed bollards as a safety measure.

However, shopkeepers in the area accused the council of driving away customers by not providing enough parking spaces.

Raymond Solomans, owner of Just Hire Catering Equipment said: ‘We have red lines, yellow lines and now these bollards which all add up to no customers.”

“We cannot go on like this anymore. Our livelihoods are suffering and the council is just not listening.”