Family-run South Woodford shop celebrating 60 years in business

A family-run South Woodford curtain shop will be celebrating 60 years in business next Wednesday.

L Posner, in George Lane, was opened on November 28 1952 by Dick and Irene Posner and it is still in the family today.

It has continued its traditions through five recessions and a dramatically changed market.

Son Austin Posner now runs the shop with his wife Karen and their staff.

He has been working in the shop since 1970 and hopes it will continue long into the future.

Mr Posner, 62, said: “It was a natural progression for me to run the business but I’m not sure about my children.

“I hope it will continue for another 60 years.

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“I think where you have got a local shop that can give experience, quality and service then those three things will always outdo anything a large store can offer.”

The shop has moved with trends and demands over the years, from stocking general linens and soft furnishings, to becoming a “curtains and blinds specialist”.

All the curtains are handmade to custom orders using traditional sewing machines above the shop.

Inspiration for fabrics and designs is taken from central London shows.

Daughter Charlotte Posner is an artist but said it was “possible” that she or one of her siblings would take over the business in the future.

Brother James already works in the shop but sister Rachel has a business transforming old vehicles into photo booths.

Kerk Davies, chairman of the South Woodford Business Partnership said a business running in one family for so long was “unusual”.

He added: “I rate L Posners’ success very highly, especially considering the current retail atmosphere.

“Personal service is still a very important part of these small organisations and Austin and Karen have been doing it very nicely and they know lots of people in the area.

“I wish them the best of luck for the future.”