Children make their own marvellous masks inspired by Kathakali

Children made “marvellous masks” while learning about the world of Kathakali – a male classical dance drama from India – on Tuesday.

The youngsters heard songs and made their own face masks at Redbridge Museum in Redbridge Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford.

The event coincides with a Kathakali exhibition at the museum, which runs until December 22.

Meaning “story-play”, Kathakali was developed to make ancient Hindu stories accessible to ordinary people.

Costumes loaned by the Kala Chethena Kathakali Company are on display as well as a costume made at Wanstead High School, in Redbridge Lane West.

The exhibition includes a film by charity Redbridge ASNet about people from Kerala, the state in south India where Kathakali originated, who live in Redbridge today.

Children also had the chance to make their own moving puppets at the museum yesterday (Wednesday).