Chigwell care home’s new pub offers a reminder of youth

Sherrell Care Home are opening a pub in part of the care home for their dementia patients.

Sherrell Care Home are opening a pub in part of the care home for their dementia patients. - Credit: Archant

“Pint of Fosters please,” is not a phrase you would expect to hear at a care home for dementia sufferers.

But in fact replicating familiar scenes from patients’ past lives is a common technique to help them feel more comfortable.

A Chigwell based care home have decided to do this in the form of a public house.

Sherrell House Care Centre in Fencepiece Road, Chigwell, opened the doors of their pub to residents on Monday, and they enjoyed a few drinks, a natter and several games of pool.

Activities co-ordinator Fatheha Uddin explained how creating the pub was part of their long term dementia strategy.

She said: “Doing things that they are familiar with and used to helps them remain happy.

“It takes them back in time, pubs were quite a big part of their social lives and they are really able to reminisce together.”

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Once a month Sherrell House used to take some of their patients to a local pub, but not all could go.

Now everyone can enjoy a pint in Sherrell House’s very own local.

Fatheha continued: “The residents have been asking for about two months for us to open a pub within the care home so everyone can enjoy it, and we’re excited it’s finally finished.”

The pub area is fully furnished, and a company specialising in dementia care plastered wall stickers up to resemble the outside of a pub.

It also has a pool table, and of course serves alcohol.

Fatheha continued: “They are allowed to have a drink, they still have that choice that does not go away.

“Only if their medication doesn’t allow them to drink or if we feel they shouldn’t have any more would we stop them, but otherwise it is their choice.”

Fatheha added that after two months of hard work the pub is definitely here to stay.

“We took their suggestions on board and until they want otherwise, the pub will remain in Sherrell House.”